Resources & Action

Four Rivers Watershed Watch administers the following programs:

  • PHASE 1 SAMPLING: WATER CHEMISTRY - Volunteers analyze aquatic chemistry and collect water samples for laboratory assessment of E. coli. We are also currently developing a nutrient analysis program.

  • PHASE 2 SAMPLING: HABITAT AND BIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT- Volunteers assess their streams' ability to support aquatic life,

  • LAKE MONITORING - Volunteers make observations of lake conditions and help with the tracking of possible harmful algal blooms.

  • 4H YOUTH STREAM TEAM - Youth are trained as community scientists who can investigate local stream conditions and complete community service project

Visit this page to interact with the statewide Watershed Watch data portal and view FRWW's annual data reviews, report cards, and reports.

Do your sampling results look fishy? If you think some parameters might be outside of the normal range for your region, refer to our Water Quality Actions menu for guidance, and contact us for further assistance.

Watershed Watch Volunteer samplers are critical to protecting Kentucky's water resources because they are often the first to notice related concerns or threats. Our samplers are out and about, familiar with normal creek conditions, and have the training to recognize when conditions are deteriorating.

Regulatory agencies depend on conscientious citizens reporting problems when they find them, so that they can respond promptly to address and limit the damage. While stream conditions naturally fluctuate, there are instances when you may consider alerting the Kentucky Division of Water.

Click here for guidance on reporting a problem.

Learn all about watersheds and why it is important to monitor and safeguard our water quality.