Sampling Results

The data portal provides public access to all sampling results collected by Watershed Watch volunteers in the Four Rivers Basin, as well as throughout the rest of Kentucky. The site is managed and updated by the Kentucky Geological Survey for the benefit of the Watershed Watch organization and the general public.

FRWW Data Reviews & Reports

Data Review presentations summarize water quality data collected during the major FRWW sampling events throughout the spring, summer and fall, and are presented at our annual conference.

2019 Annual Data Review

2019 Annual Lake Monitoring Data Review

Annual Reports are prepared for the KY Division of Water and Watershed Watch KY. They consist of the sampling results, data reviews, events, and other activities done within the Four Rivers basin that year. 

2019 FRWW Annual Report

2018 FRWW Annual Report

FRWW report cards

The Basin Report Card provides grades for sub-watersheds in the Four Rivers Basin that include at least 3 sampling sites.  These grades are assigned for bacteria (E. coli) and field chemistry results.

2022 FRWW Report Card

2021 FRWW Report Card

2019 FRWW Report Card

2018 FRWW Report Card

If you are interested in earlier sampling results not provided here, please contact us.